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Louis Williams, Jr. was in the tile business all his life but he thought there was room for a different product. In 1966, natural stone was too expensive.  Louis had an idea for a stone product with natural filler that would have the beauty of natural stone. He could offer a new product on the market at an affordable price.  In high school, Louis had worked in a dental lab working with molds and resins, and thought this could be a way to develop a man-made stone.  Two of Louis's army reserves friends worked for a resin company.  This relationship developed into what would become Micalline.

Louis presented his idea to his friends and they were excited to help. Together, the three began working days and nights making their own resins and using natural marble fillers.  Right before finalizing the product, his two friends had to spend more time with their company and families.  Louis was shocked, but they wished him well and knew he could finish the quest. 

Louis finalized the product in 1966.  Coming up with a name for the new product wasn't hard.  His two friends both had children that had died. One child was Michael and the other was Eileen.  He combined the two names in honor of the children and their fathers.  The new product became know as Micalline. 

The name Micalline has stood for high quality cultured marble.  Micalline is often used in general to refer to all cultured marble, but it's only Micalline if you purchased it from Micalline.  Micalline is easy to clean, durable, and its timeless beauty is why we still make it today.

Micalline is in places from Petersburg, VA to Key West, FL as well as all the surrounding areas.  Micalline has even reached Saudi Arabia. 

Louis passed away in 2005.  His two sons, Ernie and Bruce continue Micalline today.

After fifty years of Micalline, other products were becoming popular and available around the world.  In 2000, the granite shop was added.  Micalline decided to add natural stone and quartz.  We started small but soon realized that natural stone was gaining popularity, and wanted to be a part of this new trend.  In 2007, Micalline purchased a water jet saw, CNC machine, and a straight line machine.  This equipment allow us to give the most accurate fabrication, detail, and faster turn around time.  This equipment is much better than the tools most fabricators use. 

This heritage and passion to provide the very best products and service is what sets Micalline apart from it's competition.

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