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Micalline is proud to have served families and turned many dreams into realities for over 50 years and still going strong. Micalline continues building our reputation for excellent quality and value in natural and engineered stone products such as granite, marble, and quartz (which includes Silestone, Caesarstone, Hanstone and Cambria to name a few). Micalline also continues to manufacture and install Micalline cultured marble showers and countertops which can be found in homes and projects from Petersville, VA all the way down to West Palm Beach, FL and as far away as Saudi Arabia. See our online testimonials from our satisfied customers. By choosing Micalline, we see and do your job from start to finish.

Our website will help you learn about natural and engineered stone products and show you why to choose Micalline as your stone supplier. You will learn about the ease of caring for your stone and which stone choice is best for your lifestyle. At Micalline, we strive to eliminate all surprises, except the surprise of the stunning transformation of your new kitchen or bathroom.

Most of our projects focus on kitchen and bathrooms but we also do fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens, reception areas, and special stone signs. We are contracted for commercial work, multi-residential projects, hotels, medical facilities, offices, and convention arenas.

Our natural stone comes from all over the world; places like Brazil, Italy, and Africa just to mention a few. Granite comes in A Grade, B Grade, and contractor grade.  Be careful in which grade you choose. Micalline does not sell lower grade or commercial stone. The best of the hand selected stones are an example of nature’s artistry.

As far as engineered stone, Micalline is the industry leader in quality and craftsmanship. Micalline only uses the best materials to create our countertops to make sure that the quality and beauty lasts.

All fabrication, measuring, and installation is done in-house by Micalline. If there is ever a problem, we stand behind our work. We don’t subcontract work out like many other stone competitors. The reason some competitors subcontract out is because if you have a problem down the road their hands are washed and the problem becomes yours to fix. Micalline uses the latest technology and machinery to complete your job. Along with all this, you can have the beautiful kitchen and bath at a truly affordable price. Micalline makes your dream a reality.

Micalline has been in business for over 50 years which is a long time for any business.  There must be a real good reason why Micalline is still around, call or stop by today to find out why.

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